Terms and Conditions

Full payment for the training or assessment (NVQ) program, or an official order, should be sent in advance of the start date.

  1. Certificates will not be supplied to successful delegates until such time as all fees have been paid in full.
  2. Cancellations/postponements within four weeks of the training start date (including weekends and Bank Holidays), will incur a cancellation/postponement fee of 100% of training fees, or a flat fee of £150 per day where no training fees have been charged.
  3. The Aven Training Partnership Ltd reserves the right to cancel/postpone training or assessment offering a full refund or alternative training/assessment dates, in unforeseen circumstances. All bookings are accepted subject to availability.
  4. Training and NVQ candidates agree to complete the necessary administration, and to provide auditable proof of status and attendance where required.
  5. All training is dependent on a minimum attendance of “eligible delegates” (see point 13 for clarification), unless agreed in writing in advance of the training commencing.
  6. Additional charges may be made if the agreed number of eligible delegates do not complete the program.
  7. Certificates will be awarded to successful delegates as per the name submitted on the registration enrolment form.
  8. If any delegate is unsuccessful, a re-assessment/re-training fee is payable. Details are available upon request.
  9. Where certificates are forwarded to a nominated individual for dispatch to the successful employee(s), The Aven Training Partnership Ltd cannot be held responsible for that individual failing to do so.
  10. Lost certificates will be replaced at cost, plus a £25 administration charge.
  11. The Employer must agree to provide The Aven Training Partnership with details of any candidate who may have a disability or other learning need, prior to the training/assessment. This is to ensure that the training/assessment is suitable and appropriate. Lack of this information may lead to the delegate being withdrawn from the training on the grounds of Health and Safety. This information will be held in the strictest of confidence.
  12. For Skills Funding Agency (SFA) funded training only: delegates arriving after the official start time, as agreed with The Aven Training Partnership, may be refused admittance to the training and will be deemed as ineligible for funding, by virtue of insufficient guided learning hours.
  13. Where public funding is granted, the delegate and employer agree to comply with the guidelines set out in the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) “Funding Guidance” and subsequent updates. This can be found on www.skillsfundingagency.bis.gov.uk If you do not have access to the internet, please request a copy of this document from The Aven Training Partnership Ltd.
  14. The Signatory on the training booking form must be a person authorised to agree to the above Terms and Conditions and by signing, accepts these Terms and Conditions.


The Aven Training Partnership Ltd strives to produce the highest quality training opportunities and is determined to be known for excellence in all it does. However we accept that sometimes our service to customers and employees falls short of these standards. If you are dissatisfied in anyway with our services we are keen to hear from you and to do what we can do to rectify matters.

The following apply to NVQs only

  1. Cancellations/postponements of assessor visits will incur a fee of £60 per visit, unless the assessor has received notification at least 24 hours in advance of the planned visit.
  2. Delegates agree to complete the necessary training work set by the assessor between visits.
  3. The Aven Training Partnership Ltd reserves the right to withdraw delegates from the program who do not complete activities set by the assessor within the agreed timescales.