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NVQs for the Construction Industry

At Aven Training, we assess trade, supervisory and managerial qualifications within the Construction Industry. Our assessors are highly qualified in their particular fields and our aim is to achieve your qualification in a timely manner. And at a cost which is highly competitive.

Construction NVQs are the recognised benchmark qualification for proving occupational competence In the construction industry. They are a ‘competence-based’ qualification, which means you learn practical, work-related tasks designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge to do your job effectively. These qualifications could be appropriate if you already have skills and want to improve them, or if you are starting from scratch.

They are assessed on practical assignments and a portfolio of evidence that you build up. One of our qualified assessor will observe you and question you about the work you do and test your knowledge and understanding as well as your performance. Your assessor will then ‘sign-off’ individual units within the NVQ when you have reached the required standard. On successful completion of your NVQ, you will be eligible to apply for a Blue/Gold/Black CSCS card, according to the level of your NVQ. The process is summarised below –

construction nvqs

Some NVQs may provide eligibility to membership for professional organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Builders (CIOB)  as well as Gold or Black CSCS cards.

Why study for an NVQ with us?

As a  leading organisation within the industry, with the primary goal of raising the standards and quality of personnel in construction, you can be confident that our trainers and assessors have the experience, knowledge and skills to support you in your development.

What to expect after studying your Construction NVQ with us

Within a month of completing the course, you will have your certificate. This is important if you want to apply for a new CSCS card or gain professional status with CIOB.

Who needs an NVQ?

Any one looking looking to further their career in the construction industry. A Construction NVQ gets you the CSCS card you need to take the next step in your career. Show employers that you are competent and that you meet the industry standard for the role you want.
Most higher level CSCS cards, and many higher-level affiliate card programmes require an NVQ, and most construction employers require such a card before you can be hired. Therefore, attaining the right level of Construction NVQ can be crucial in advancing your career in the construction industry.

How Do I Get a Construction NVQ?

We send out an assessor to observe and ask questions during a typical day, and you will be judged on your knowledge, performance and experience.
Earning NVQ levels is really about knowing how to do job well and safely. Especially at the lower levels, as little as three years on the job experience is often enough to qualify you.
As you get up to the higher levels, study and revision at home of an evening becomes more and more important.
Our construction, training and NVQ experts will be happy to meet with you at our office to discuss your NVQ needs and advise you on any aspects you feel you might need help with.

How long does it take?

Much of that is up to you. We have the assessor visit you at work between 2 and five times, on dates arranged at your (and your work’s) convenience. Lower level NVQs typically require very few visits, whereas higher levels will require more. The whole process typically takes ten weeks or less.

Can I fail a Construction NVQ?

If you do not achieve the required credits to complete the NVQ, you will not be awarded one. However you may always be reassessed at a later time, and it is often possible to take additional class units to obtain the necessary credits. We will be available to help you identify any weak points, and to help you address them.

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