Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Fenestration Installation (QCF)

glazierThis qualification is aimed at those who work as installers of glass supporting systems, which include window and door units. The standards cover the most important aspects of the job.

The qualification is at Level 2, although there may be individual units at other levels, and should be taken by those who are fully trained to deal with routine assignments. Candidates should require minimum supervision in undertaking the job. A further qualification that covers Fenestration Installation and Surveying at Level 3 is also available.

Candidates for this qualification will primarily be working on customers premises and installing windows, doors, conservatories.

Candidates could have jobs entitled:

Conservatory Installer, Double Glazier, Installer of Replacement Windows and Doors, Window Fitter, Installer of glass, supporting systems Installer

Candidate requirement

QCF qualifications are made up of a number of units that have a credit value or credits.
These credits must be achieved in the correct combination from mandatory and optional units: this qualification has 4 mandatory units and 3 groups of optional units.

Candidates should achieve all 4 mandatory units listed below, plus a minimum of 8 credits from group 1 of the optional units, a minimum of 11 credits from group 2 and a minimum of 3 credits from group 3. This makes the minimum credit value of the qualification 37 credits.

The units are made up of the things you need to know and the things you need to be able to do to carry out your job safely and correctly. These are called Learning Outcomes, and all must be met to achieve the unit.

Mandatory Units (all units to be taken)

FI 1 Maintain Health and Safety within the Fenestration Installation Working Environment (Level 2 unit, 4 Credits)AG 3 Communicating and Working with Others in the Glass and Glass Related Working Environment (Level 2 unit,3 Credits)F1 3 Locate, handle, transport and position materials and components in the Fenestration Installation working environment (Level 2 unit, 4 Credits)CW 1 Identify and Confirm Installation Requirements (Level 2 unit, 4 Credits)

Optional Units

Group 1 (a minimum of 8 credits must be achieved)

FIS 7 Install Conservatories (Level 3 unit,14 Credits)FI 8 Install Window and Door Units (level 2 unit,8 Credits)

Group 2 (a minimum of 11 credits must be achieved)

F14 Prepare and Shape Fenestration Installation Products and Materials (Level 2, 5 Credits)F16 Prepare the Site, Equipment and Tools for Fenestration Installation (Level 2, 4 Credits)F17 remove Existing Window and Door and Prepare Apertures (Level 2, 8 Credits)F19 Prepare and Position Window and Door Units ready for InstallationFI10 Install Glass and or Panels into Windows, Doors or Conservatories (Level 2, 4 Credits)

Group 3 (a minimum of 3 Credits must be achieved)

FI11 maintain/Repair Windows and Doors or Conservatories (Level 3, 6 Credits)FI13 Post Windows and Doors and Conservatories Installation Activities (Level 2, 3 Credits)FIS1 Understanding the Building Regulations in the Fenestration Industry (Level 3, 3 Credits)
Achieving the combination of Mandatory units and the correct choice of Optional credits will mean the qualification has been completed and GQA will provide the Diploma with the qualification title. Where a candidate has completed additional credits the Diploma will list these as additional credits, in cases where the candidate has not completed the full qualification and will not go on to do so, a Certificate of credit can be issued for the credits achieved.

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