Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Domestic Fascia, Soffit & Bargeboard Installation (QCF)

This qualification is aimed at those who remove and install fascias, soffits, and bargeboards in the domestic market.
The standards cover the most important aspects of the job. This qualification is at Level 2, although some QCF qualifications may have units at different levels, and should be taken by those who are fully trained to deal with routine assignments.

Candidates should require minimum supervision in undertaking the job.

Candidate requirement

QCF qualifications are made up of a number of units that have a credit value or credits.

These credits must be achieved in the correct combination from mandatory and optional units. Candidates should achieve all of the mandatory units listed below, plus a minimum of 3 credits from the group of optional units. This makes the minimum credit value of the qualification 30 credits.

The units are made up of the things you need to know and the things you need to be able to do to carry out your job safely and correctly. These are called Learning Outcomes, and all must be met to achieve the unit.

Mandatory units (all units to be taken)

FSB1 Maintain Health and Safety in the Installation of Fascias, Soffits and Bargeboards (Level 2, 4 Credits)AG3 Communicating and Working with others in the Glass and Related Working Environment (Level 2, 3 Credits) CW1 Identify and Confirm Installation Requirements (Level 2, 4 Credits)FSB4 Locate, handle, Transport and Position Materials and Equipment (Level 2, 3 Credits)FSB5 Prepare the site for Fascia, Soffit and Bargeboard Removal and Installation Activities (Level 2, 2 Credits)FSB7 Undertake Preparatory Work on Existing materials (Level 2, 3 Credits) FSB8 Prepare Materials for Installation (Level 2, 3 Credits) FSB9 Install Domestic Facias, Soffits, Bargeboards and Related Products (Level 2, 5 Credits)

Optional units (a minimum of 3 credits must be achieved)

FBS6 Prepare and Dismantle Access Equipment and Working Platforms Install Conservatories (Level 2, 5 Credits)FSB11 Remove Materials ready for Installation (Level 2, 6 Credits) FSB12 Dealing with the Exposure of Asbestos Cement during the FSB Removal Process (Level 2, 2 Credits) FSB10 Complete Installation and hand over to Customer (Level 2, 3 Credits)

Achieving the combination of Mandatory units and the correct choice of Optional credits will mean the qualification has been completed and GQA will provide the Certificate with the qualification title. Where a candidate has completed additional credits the Certificate will list these as additional credits, in cases where the candidate has not completed the full qualification and will not go on to do so, a Certificate of Credit can be issued for the credits achieved.


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