Intro. to Project Planning

Project Planning


Whether large or small,  businesses in construction and the built environment often achieve their goals by completing projects that contribute to their objectives. These can range from small in-house alterations to premises right up to being part of a team on a large construction project. Whatever the project, the principles are basically the same. Projects have a finite length, involve a number of activities as well as people, and have deadlines and budgets. Project managers need to plan and monitor these, and take corrective action when appropriate.

Upon successful completion of this 2 day course, participants will be able to apply basic project management skills, concepts, and techniques to manage small to medium sized projects within their organisations.

Course Length and Venues

The course lasts for 2 days and can be delivered at any suitable venue supplied by yourselves.or at our training facilities in Huddersfield.

Course Content

  • Understanding Projects and Project Management 
  • Project life cycles and key success factors
  • Initiating a project
    • establishing the objectives and scope of work
    • defining the needs of stakeholders
    • establishing a clear business case
    • agreeing key roles and responsibilities
  • Project Planning
    • project definitions; work, product and organisational breakdown structures
    • networks, critical path analysis, risk management, Gantt charts and milestone charts
    • an introduction to quality management, assurance and control
  • Techniques for estimating resources in projects
  • Resourcing the plan
    • how to ensure that the plan is fully resourced, through resource histograms and resource levelling
  • The project communication plan
    • communicate appropriately with all stakeholders, and gain commitment from the team
  • Building the team
    • overview of team development and roles
  • Monitoring and controlling projects
    • tools and techniques
  • Handover
    • How to hand over to the operational team effectively
  • Project closure and learning review
    • How to close projects well and identify lessons learned


Cost of the programme is £500 per candidate